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AirMATION® Family of Products

Vehicle exhaust residue not only adheres to walls and other surfaces, it also becomes embedded in clothing and furniture where it can be absorbed through the skin. Based on studies from the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH), it is recommended that diesel exhaust be regarded as an occupational carcinogen (causing cancer).
The AirMATION Industrial Air Cleaner removes the particulates, contaminants and carcinogens that migrate into your building when vehicles idle. AirMATION controls diesel fumes and soot, smoke odors, noxious gases, VOCs, welding smoke, carbon monoxide (CO), dust, oil mist, and metal grindings. It is a multi-stage progressive air filtration system designed to clean the air and protect employee health.
Air monitoring tests done by independent agencies show that AirMATION reduces the amount of airborne contaminants (including CO, NO2, and SO2), to levels far below OSHA and NIOSH recommended levels.

The AirMATION family of products includes the AirMATION ND, a regular unit designed to fit most spaces; the AirMATION BB for larger capacity needs; and the AirMATION DC, a smaller unit for tighter spaces. All models come with a two-year warranty.

AirMATION's three-stage filter system is the most effective filter system on the market today.Product

This system includes the following:

  • A prefilter providing an efficiency value of MERV 8 under ASHRAE guidelines. MERV 11 available upon request.
  • A high-efficiency 2nd-stage particle filter providing an efficiency value of MERV16 under ASHRAE guidelines and controlling diesel exhaust particulates
  • A gas phase carbon/alumina filter capable of controlling CO2, nitrous dioxide, and VOC'

We stock a large inventory of replacement filters. Contact us to order your new filters today.

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  • Provides a safe and healthy workplace that cleans the air beyond the requirements of OSHA, NIOSH, and ASHRAE
  • Controls lung damaging contaminants in the breathing zone
  • No unsafe and unsightly hanging hoses in tight restricted areas or walkways
  • No building or vehicle modifications are necessary
  • Virtually maintenance-free operation
  • Cleans and recirculates heated air rather than exhausting it outside, thereby reducing energy consumption


  • Automatic Hands-Free Activation
  • Quiet Operation
  • Effective Vehicle Exhaust Removal
  • 8-Way Directional Air Return
  • No Heat Loss
  • Automatic Filter Change Indicator
  • Direct Drive Blower Mfr-Rated at 3000 CFM
  • Low Electrical Usage
  • Turnkey Installation
  • Ceiling Mounted
  • Approved For Historic Locations
  • Fleet Maintenance Coverage
  • Controls Carbon Monoxide (CO)
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